Sep 16

A Few Burlap Craft Ideas

If you want to work with burlap but aren’t sure where to start, rest assured that there are lots of people that are already using burlap for crafts, so you can borrow a page from their books. Here you can find a few things that people are using burlap for.

Upholstery: If you’ve got an old chair or stool sitting around that you’re just not sure what to do with, you can give it new life by covering it in burlap. This works especially well if you have a bright colored fabric that will show through the burlap.

Decorations: Burlap works great for creating decorations in every season. You can make wreaths that feature burlap cut into shapes and are adorned with other seasonal decorations, or even do a painted burlap banner to celebrate something special.

Table settings: Burlap goes well with wood tables. You can make a table runner for your centerpiece, or make your entire centerpiece out of burlap. It also works well for making unique placemats. They can either stand alone with the edges hemmed or tied, or you can layer them with a pretty fabric.

Flowers: There are a few different methods to making flowers with burlap, so you can look and decide what’s best for you. Some cut and attach layers of burlap together with vintage buttons, and others use a rolling technique to make more solidly-shaped blooms.

Bags: For the advanced and adventurous, there are rather elaborate purses and other tote bags to be made from burlap. For the beginners and those who prefer simplicity, there are a number of simple bags to be made for whatever you need.

Book covers: Whether you’re covering damage or giving new life to an old book by turning it into a decoration, burlap is an awesome choice. A book by itself may not spark many conversations, but once you’ve given it a burlap cover it will get all kinds of notice.

Artwork: When stretched into a frame or over a canvas, burlap makes a great starting point for the artist looking to create something unique. It holds paint well, so you can take your next painting project to a whole new level with burlap.

Storage: Burlap can be used to make or cover boxes for storage, and you can also use it on an embroidery hoop to make a cute earring holder.

Bulletin board cover: To spice up a bulletin board, you can cover it with burlap. Because it already has holes in it, burlap works really well for this and will stay looking like the day you made it. If you use actual coffee bags, this is great for people who love coffee or a coffee shop.

Pillows. It’s easy to use burlap to either cover an existing pillow, or make a new one, so this is a good starting project to get familiar with using burlap and sewing methods.

Whatever you choose to do with it, you can’t go wrong when working with burlap.